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Attorney Referrals

Simon & Simon regularly accepts referral cases for a free evaluation from all over the tri-state area. Our philosophy has remained laser focused on providing individualized attention for every case. Some of the area's largest injury firms have access to the resources and network of Simon & Simon, PC. If you are an attorney seeking to refer a injury case, simply fill out the form or call to contact a member of our team.


Many of the referral fees that we have paid on these cases have earned the referring lawyers more in a fee split or share of the fee had they not referred the case to Simon & Simon. We increase the value of personal injury cases for the referring lawyer. Some recent referrals paid by Simon & SImon's include:

Simon & Simon, PC has a long and proud history of accepting referral cases from other attorney sources. It has always been our philosophy to offer meaningful supprt when possible to the commitment of referring attorneys, and more importantly, their clients. Many times other attorneys simply do not have the resources to continue pursuing the litigation on ther own. Some other typical situations include an attorney who refers a case to us for theirloved ones or friends.

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